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Established in 2008, Health & Leisure (H&L) has emerged as a premier medical travel and wellness tourism integrator which aims to promote the Philippines as a top-notch healthcare destination.

H&L provides a comprehensive and holistic approach in servicing medical travelers and their companions. Its commitment to the clients starts from the moment of their inquiry and goes beyond their post-medical travel requirement.

H&L synergizes service quality, cost efficiency, and the Filipino medical professionals’ innate caring and warm nature to create personalized and seamless medical holiday.

Why the philippines ?

The Philippines is an archipelagic country situated in the heart of Southeast Asia. With more than 7, 107 islands and over 100 million population, it is the home to some of the world’s most pristine beaches and scenic landscapes. It is named as one of the top tourist destinations in 2016 by National Geographic and one of the best travel budget spots by Forbes.

Unbeknownst to many, the Philippines is not just a leisure place, but it is also a hotspot for prime healthcare. Dubbed as the heart of Medical Tourism in Asia, the Philippines has medical facilities and specialists along with accommodation choices that are at par with international standards but is uniquely Filipino.

What sets Philippines apart from other Medical Tourism destination? The simple answer is synergy. We synergize quality, cost efficiency, leisure and our medical professionals’ unique caring and warm personality with the clients’ medical itinerary. Putting these aspects together create a medical experience like no other.

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