Health & Leisure’s core business is composed of four aspects: Medical Treatment, Wellness Packages, Personalized Miscellaneous/Concierge Services and Third Party Administration (TPA).

Medical Services

H&L offers comprehensive coverage of medical treatments and access to credible doctors and state-of-the-art hospitals, facilities and specialty clinics to ensure that every client gets the best medical service experience. H&L matches each patient’s medical requirements with the best healthcare providers as well as with the right specialists.

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    Medical & Surgery
  • med-2
    Executive Check-up
  • med-3
    Dental Holiday
  • med-4
    Cosmetic Surgery
Wellness Services

H&L places the client’s total satisfaction in priority by providing personalized and customized health and wellness packages best suited for each client’s preference. H&L, in collaboration with top spa destinations, resorts and wellness centers, ensures world-class services by providing a total life-changing experience through these service offerings

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    Spa and Massage
  • wel-2
    Cleansing and Detox
Concierge Services

H&L gives a wide-range of miscellaneous and concierge services ensuring a seamless and stress-free medical holiday. The following services showcase the innate Filipino values of compassion and hospitality

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    Hotel Accommodation
  • con-1
    Travel and Tours
  • con-2
    Sample product 9
  • con-3
    Sample product 10
Third Party Administration

H&L provides services for both insurance companies and their policy holders. Insurance companies may refer policy holders seeking medical services to H&L and policy holders may get their medical treatment plan and quotation from H&L which they can forward to their insurance providers. Insurance companies are assured that their policy holders are well-served and get to experience hassle-free medical procedures with H&L acting as a coordinator between the hospital and insurance company.

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    Sample product 10
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